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Inquiry for a Roofer

J. McManus & Son in Milton, NY is looking to hiring an experienced Roofing Mechanic.

$25-$30 per hour

Licensed and insured metal roofing company in Ulster County seeks an Experienced Roofing Mechanic.
Experience with custom standing seam roofing required. Experience in commercial metal roofing, metal fabrication and C&C machine experience preferred but not required.
We are looking for an individual that can work in a quick, efficient manner, can take direction, and work as a productive member of a crew.

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Local Builders Seeking Skilled Workers to Meet Rising Demand
With many residential construction workers having left the industry in search of other work during the housing downturn, home builders in the Hudson Valley and in many other areas of the country are increasingly voicing concerns about the supply of workers in key trades now that demand for new homes is ramping up in many markets.

Indeed, many skilled workers – such as carpenters, framers and roofers – were forced to seek employment elsewhere during the Great Recession, when more than 1.4 million jobs were lost as builders were forced to lay off workers or even close their businesses. Several trades retrained their construction workers and today many of them are no longer available to build houses. The latest government statistics bear this out: The number of open construction sector jobs in March was 147,000, the third-highest monthly total since the Great Recession ended.

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New Member Benefit Added!

Luminary Media is offering a discount to all HVBRA members on all Luminary products and services. They publish the quarterly magazine, Upstate House, which features a unique mix of property listings and editorials on progressive design, building practices, eco-friendly products and services.

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NYSBA Voter Voice Alert and Breaking News
Since the first day of the 2019 legislative session, labor unions have been at the New York State Capitol pushing to apply prevailing wage laws to many residential construction and improvement projects which were previously not within the definition of public work.

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Major Home Repairs Can Blow Up Your Bank Account — Here’s How to Avoid a Catastrophe

A homeowner is never truly finished with home repairs. As soon as you get one thing fixed or under control, another problem often springs up. Some home projects are under your control — these are the fun ones that you plan for. Many home projects are thrust upon the homeowner, however. Major home repairs like fixing a foundation, redoing a roof, or replacing an entire HVAC system can be bank-breakers. Here’s how to ensure your next major project doesn’t hurt you too badly — physically, emotionally, and financially.

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