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NAHB - Top Reasons to Become an Associate Member
For many NAHB Associate members, visibility and networking are keys to a successful business. Joining a community such as NAHB opens the doors to make those connections and increases business opportunities that service and trade professionals would otherwise not have, especially when working with home builders.

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A Message from HVBRA President, Thomas S. Tripodianos - BUILD PAC

Dear HVBRA Member,

I hope you are doing well as we all work to operate efficiently and effectively in this “new normal”. Now more than ever, we must focus, and put an emphasis, on political advocacy, as it is the most important thing an HBA and its members can be doing now. Yesterday, NYSBA sent an email to all members stating the importance of getting politically involved by contributing to BUILD PAC.

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Oppose the Constant Expansion of Prevailing Wage in New York State
The State Legislature is back this week, and already looking to expand prevailing wage in New York.

We are asking you to contact your Senator and Assembly Member and urge them to oppose S.8334-A/A.10626-A which expands the definition of construction, as applied to projects subject to prevailing wage to specifically include work involving the delivery of aggregate supply construction materials.

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Join NAHB for Webinar Wednesdays in July
NAHB Education is offering a variety of dynamic webinars for housing industry professionals every Wednesday in July. These webinars are structured to help participants expand their knowledge about industry best practices in customer service, design, and sales and marketing. Many are offered at a discount to NAHB members, including several that are free for certain council members.

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