Establish seminar schedule (frequency, length, topic); locate, select and confirm speakers; determine seminar site; promote attendance.

Meeting Frequency: Quarterly. Additional meetings as needed.

Programs For General Membership Meetings:

Review requests for speakers at nine general membership meetings; help coordinate scheduling; assist speaker with materials, etc., as needed at the meeting.

Meeting Frequency: Three times a year. Additional meetings as needed.


To examine changes in the New York State Building Code and New York State Energy Code, DEC, DEP, etc. and keep membership informed via newsletter, special mailings, etc.

  • Building Code
  • Energy Code
  • Environmental

Meeting Frequency: As needed.


Review local, state and national legislation affecting the industry; refer to appropriate committee with comments; follow through as needed; inform membership via newsletter, special mailings, etc.; meet with legislators to present association position. Maintain communications with PAC committee.

Meeting Frequency: Bi-monthly or as needed.

Political Action Committee (HV BUILD PAC):

Work with political candidates, elected officials, to establish/maintain lines of communication for issues affecting the industry; seek monetary support for campaigns; provide assistance as needed during election cycle.

Meeting Frequency: As needed.

County Legislative Liaison:

Attend monthly legislative meetings(s) for affiliated counties, and write brief summation of activities for inclusion in association newsletter and appropriate follow up action.

  • Dutchess
  • Ulster
  • Orange
  • Sullivan
  • Putnam
  • Westchester

Meeting Frequency: As needed.

Village/Town Liaison:

Attend monthly village/town board meetings for a specific community; report to appropriate committee if and when follow-up action is indicated.

Meeting Frequency: As needed.

Advertising/Public Relations:

To develop a mix of advertising campaigns for the association and its members; assist in establishing/expanding media liaisons; assist in publicizing the association to the trade and the public. Projects include builders guide & index, newsletter, virtual parade of homes.

Meeting Frequency: Quarterly. Additional meetings as needed.


To review, update, and write amendments to by-laws as necessary for adoption by association members.

Meeting Frequency: As needed.

Community Relations:

Develop criteria, goals, and recommendations for activities to assist local and/or regional housing-oriented projects that promote the association while aiding the recipients. Projects include habitat houses, charitable repairs, etc.

Meeting Frequency: As needed.


Follow through when written complaints are received from homeowners on members using procedures in the by-laws.

Meeting Frequency: As needed.


Additional meetings as needed. Develop programs/guidelines to assist in the following areas:

  • Orientation: meet with new members to let them know of services, activities available on a local, state, national level; serve as official hosts at general membership meeting to introduce new members to existing members.
  • Recruitment: development and coordination of campaigns to recruit qualified builder and associate members.
  • Retention: follow through with members to determine how their needs can be better met; encourage participation in association activities.

Meeting Frequency: Bi-Monthly


Select golf format and activities for the event; select site; coordinate caterer, tents, etc. As necessary; promote sponsorships; promote attendance.

Meeting Frequency: Monthly, March-July. Additional meetings as needed.

Pinnacle Awards:

Review applications for award program. Promote to builder and associate members. Coordinate selection process with committee, site inspections, etc. Organize awards, dinner, etc. Work with advertising committee on promotional opportunities.

Meeting Frequency: Monthly, March-December. Additional meetings as needed.


Create/update annual scholarship application. Review all applications received. Interview suitable candidates. Assist in the coordination/presentation of awards and media notification; expand program options.

Meeting Frequency: As needed.

Trade Show:

Additional meetings as needed. Help examine, select show sites; help coordinate exhibitor/attendee promotion; promote sponsorship, be available to assist as necessary throughout the one-day event.

Meeting Frequency: Monthly, October-March.

Special Interest Councils:

Focus on issues pertaining to specific areas of construction. Write periodic updates for newsletter; work with education/seminar committee.

  • Commercial Builders
  • Multi-Family
  • Remodelers

Meeting Frequency: Bi-monthly or as needed.