NAHB Webinar: Missing Middle Housing: Addressing Unmet Demand for Housing Choice

How can we make more affordable and accessible housing available to more people of all ages, abilities, incomes and backgrounds in thriving and connected neighborhoods? With demand for walkable living options on the rise, duplexes, fourplexes and courtyard apartments have become an increasingly important part of livable communities nationwide. Missing Middle Housing is a transformative concept that highlights the need for diverse, affordable housing choices in sustainable, walkable places.

In our Missing Middle Housing: Housing Types to Address the Unmet Demand for Housing Choice webinar, Daniel Parolek, founder of Opticos Design and the country’s foremost expert on Missing Middle Housing, will explain, illustrate and compare examples of Missing Middle Housing, and demonstrate how communities far and wide have effectively begun using the concept to build momentum for livable communities, while addressing important issues such as housing affordability, housing choice and neighborhood compatibility along the way.

Participants in this webinar will:

  • Illustrate the Missing Middle Housing types and shared design characteristics among these types.
  • Discuss the zoning and other regulatory barriers to building new Missing Middle Housing types.
  • Interpret the integration of Missing Middle types into existing neighborhoods and discuss how new zoning and parking standards can impact your community.

Speaker: Daniel Parolek, Founder & Principal, Opticos Design

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