Grievance Procedure

While you certainly hope that your new home building experience is glitch-free, there may be a time when you and the builder just cannot come to a satisfactory resolution of a problem. If that does occur, you may want to consider the HVBRA Grievance Procedure.

Scenario: It’s within one year of taking possession of your home, and a construction-related problem arises. You have called your HVBRA member contractor to explain the problem, asked when it can be fixed, and sent them a confirmation of your conversation in writing. But nothing happens. You contact them again, with the same results. So you contact the Association.

When we receive your call, we ask that you put in writing what the problem is, what you did to contact the builder to get it resolved, and what happened (or did not happen). We strongly suggest that when you send the letter to us, you also send a copy to the builder at the same time.

Upon completion of the Grievance Forms, we will send out HVBRA volunteers to inspect the house and determine if it is a builder issue, a homeowner issue, etc. They will then file a written report with their findings.

Typically, the problem gets addressed at this stage. If, however, you have to go to court to get resolution of your problem, you can use the report as part of your case.

The Grievance Procedure may take some time but it is our goal to try to satisfactorily resolve these issues without having to involve the courts, if at all possible.

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