Member Spotlight, January 2019: Steven A. Scala, CPA


Steven Scala, CPA is the Owner/President of Steven A. Scala, CPA P.C., a full-service Certified Public Accounting firm licensed in New York. Steven has been in the public accounting field since 1986 and specializes in the construction and building industry.


Sixteen years ago, Steven joined the HVBRA. At this time, he had just moved from Long Island to the Hudson Valley to start his own practice. Making the decision to move to a new area, where you did not know a single person to build your business from the ground up, is a feat in itself. Thankfully, through the networking opportunities available to him as a member of the HVBRA, and a few other organizations, Steven was able to meet new people and develop business relationships with them.


Steven began his career right out of college, working for small CPA firms and eventually moving up to larger firms, where he learned construction accounting. When asked what the most important skills he has developed in his career, he noted two. The first being the ability to “wear all hats”. When starting your own small business, you are obligated to do everything, from acquiring new clients, completing administrative tasks, managing all aspects of the business, etc. The second is the skills and knowledge he has obtained regarding accounting and taxes relating to the construction and building industry. It is a specialized industry where you either know it, or you don’t. It is also an industry where referrals are key. “Bonding agents and sureties are only going to refer your business if they can trust the quality of your work.”


Over his many years in the industry, the best piece of advice he has received is “as a business owner, not to be afraid to surround yourself with good people that are smarter than you”. On a personal level, “be a good person”.


For more information about Steven Scala, CPA and his company please visit


Steven Scala, CPA, Owner/President

Steven A. Scala, CPA P.C.

15 Matthews Street, Suite #305

Goshen, New York 10924

Phone: (845) 294-4200

Fax: (845) 294-4205


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