NYSBA Voter Voice Alert and Breaking News

Since the first day of the 2019 legislative session, labor unions have been at the New York State Capitol pushing to apply prevailing wage laws to many residential construction and improvement projects which were previously not within the definition of public work.
Currently the State Senate and Assembly have legislation (S.1947/A.1261) that defines public work so broadly as to encompass construction of private residential buildings, which are assisted only indirectly by government. No sound public policy reason has been put forward to justify the extension of prevailing wages to private residential construction. This bill bootstraps minimum subsidies for affordable housing as the justification to require the wage regimen and administrative requirements applied to public works.
Simply put, this legislation would end affordable housing in New York State. Nobody benefits from this.
That is why you must tell your legislators to oppose S.1947/A.1261 and oppose prevailing wage in residential construction.