NAHB Webinar: Managing Business Growth for Profitability and Sanity

Managing a growing business can take business owners in the construction industry to the very limits of their personal, emotional and financial resources. A business often takes on a life of its own, spiraling out of control and sometimes taking business owners on a crash course with it. The good news is there are sound and proven strategies we’ll cover during Managing Business Growth for Profitability and Sanity, our free webinar sponsored by LG, that can help. When implemented correctly these strategies can help business owners take back control and, ultimately, reap the rewards that owners want and deserve in exchange for their risk and hard work.

Participants in this webinar will:
- Learn how to identify potential risk and how to take a proactive stance to avoid “what should I do?” situations.
- Recognize and confront the three biggest barriers to business growth.
- Develop and implement appropriate and effective strategies, action steps and defense tactics to protect profits and sustain growth.

Speaker: Fred Reikowsky, Legacy Business Leaders LLC

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