NAHB Webinar: Cybersecurity Risks and Best Practices for Construction Professionals

With mobile data use becoming the norm, construction businesses are increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks. The Cybersecurity Risks and Best Practices for Construction webinar will help businesses identify what sensitive data they possess, where that data is located and how to better protect data. We’ll review how to implement additional precautions like supplemental security measures, employee training and how to build an incident response plan. We will also examine the legal obligations that may be triggered by a data breach, and discuss solutions to mitigate business disruption and preserve client and industry relationships.

Participants in this webinar will:
- Identify common data privacy and security issues for construction professionals
- Examine the legal and business implications of a data breach
- Discuss preventative steps and mitigation tools

Speaker: Kristen Hilton, Partner, Sussman Shank LLP

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