NAHB Webinar: Capturing Competitive Advantage

For many construction companies, recognizing and leveraging a viable competitive advantage is challenging. Taking the time to examine a business and identify differentiators that could potentially be the secret weapon to skyrocketing sales is crucial for growth. Often, competitive advantage is within reach, it simply needs to be identified, developed and strategically marketed.

In our free, LG sponsored webinar, Capturing Competitive Advantage, attendees will learn how one construction company identified and leveraged an untapped and previously unrecognized competitive advantage to radically change course, doubling sales in a two-year period. Participants will learn how they can apply similar methods to uncover potential competitive advantages that could positively impact their business strategies and bottom line.

Capturing Competitive Advantage webinar participants key takeaways:
- Recognize and leverage a competitive advantage to attract the right customers.
- Examine your value chain to reveal strengths, weaknesses and potential areas that distinguish your organization from the competition in the eyes of the customer.
- Identify competitive advantages from the customers’ perspective to ensure the highest marketplace impact, and the ability to drive consistently higher profit margins.

Speaker: Fred Reikowsky, Legacy Business Leaders LLC

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